Measure Your Kitchen For Your New Cabinets

Measuring your kitchen can be an easy process. Please follow the instructions on this page and feel free to call Granada Kitchen at (714) 772-3888 with any questions.

  • The first step is to identify the type of kitchen layout you have below. Click the correct kitchen layout and print the image.
Two strait-line kitchen layout

Two Strait-Line Kitchen Layout

U-shape kitchen layout

U Shape Kitchen Layout

L-shape kitchen layout

L Shape Kitchen Layout

Three walls and peninsula kitchen layout

Three Walls and Peninsula Shape Kitchen Layout


  • Grab your tape measure and a pencil.
  • Measure and write down each letter combination outlined, such as A-B, C-D, E-F, Etc.
  • Accuracy: Make sure to measure all items, then measure them once more to ensure an exact measurement.  Tip: Have a second person measure the kitchen(did they get the same result?).
  • Include the Trim! Don't forget that when measuring windows or doors the trim is included in that measurement.

Now that you have your diagram and measurements click on the type of kitchen below to send us your measurements.

I have a two strait-line kitchen layout

I have a L-shape kitchen layout

I have a U-shape kitchen layout

I have a three walls and peninsula kitchen layout